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In the news

Can The Naked Therapist be The Naked Artist?

According to the West Chelsea Artists Open Studios, the answer is no.

Sarah White, founder of Naked Therapy and featured "super beauty" here on SuperBeauty.Org, has been told that she is not an artist but a mere commercial entity and banned from the event.

You can find more details and press reactions on Sarah's site here.

What warrants comment here is how predictably and consistently people try to exclude the huge power of female beauty from every part of life: from science (Sarah has been barred by the American Counseling Association's Code of Ethics), from art, and from commerce (Sarah has been called a prostitute in every comment section in every article on her that we've found). The fact that people have to try so hard to sideline the power of female beauty and sexuality only confirms how huge that power is. The fact that the world sucks proves how badly needed that power is. And the fact that everyone feels free to stone beautiful women with one hand while openly playing with themselves with the other shows how inexcusable our betrayal of this power is.

True to her admirable form (in more ways than one) Sarah is holding her own independant open studio event in the same hotel and on the same day as the West Chelsea Artists Open Studios and the public is invited to explore Naked Therapy as art:

Sunday, May 13, 2012: 4 - 8pm
The Hotel Americano
518 West 27th Street, NYC

Ask any staff member in the hotel for "Sarah White's Studio" and you will be given the room number.

Teacher fired for being a nude photographer

Stefan Grosjean, a nude photographer and environmental psychologist from Switzerland, Europe, was fired from his job as a teacher because of his art. The organization Stefan worked for is called "PUSCH" which is short for "Praktischer Umweltschutz Schweiz". In English they call themselves "Swiss foundation for environmental management PUSCH". Their website is available in German and French and can be found here:

Stefan's job was that of a "garbage teacher". This means he used to travel around and visit different schools to teach children about proper disposal of waste, the importance of recycling and protection of the environment in general. Stefan has worked for PUSCH for four years and he has visited around 200 classes. He did put his heart in his work and he always received very good feedbacks from the the children and the regular class teachers.

When PUSCH found out about his website with artistic nude photography at, they decided to fire him because they were afraid of bad press. Stefan told PUSCH there is no reason for this, since his photography does not affect his work as a teacher. Nevertheless they released him from his work immediately (they even had to offer him a compensation with one year's salary since this cancellation was not according to contract).

Unfortunately this is just another example for the attacks that photographers and models doing artistic nudes are confronted with. It's also because of this nobody in Switzerland uses their own names. But Stefan decided to use his real name right from the start, since he believes there's nothing wrong with being a nude photo artist. But it's not just about him. For example, what about the pupils who knew him? What kind of signal gives that if their teacher is fired over nude photos? It tells them, that nude photography has to be something very bad. This is not the way to set a good example for children about how to deal with sexuality in a responsible way.

To use his real name is also part of Stefan's "fair trade nudes" policy. According to statistics every second Inhabitant with internet access in Switzerland visits nude art or erotic websites online. In spite of this the models and photographers who satisfy this important need are being treated badly. This is one of the most common forms of sexual exploitation. But if everybody who likes nude photos would be honest about it, this kind of sexual exploitation wouldn't exist anymore.


Father strangles daughter to death for not wearing hijab

December 12, 2007 - A 16 year old muslim Canadian girl was strangled to death by her father for refusing to wear hijab.

Aqsa Parvez had clashed with her conservative father over her refusal to adhere to traditional muslim values. She would wear loose clothing to school, but then change to more form fitting clothes, and would have to scramble to put the hijab back on whenever she saw her older brother coming. Days before her death, friends noticed bruises on her arms, and noted that she worried her father was going to kill her.

The media is quick to report the family lawyer's contention that there was "more to the story than just cultural issues.", and a spokeswoman for the Islamic Social Services Association claims, absurdly, that to say it's about the hijab is 'an oversimplification', and that it had more to do with the hormones and emotions of teenagers trying to assert their independence.

Anything but the truth - that another Islamic woman-hater has murdered another woman and the world refuses to acknowledge it.

It's a hatred so intense that father's will kill their own daughters, and so common that no one will dare admit it exists for fear of being implicated: it's hatred of female beauty.


Saudi Arabia sentences 19-year-old rape victim to 200 lashes

Fri, Nov 16, 2007 - You have to wonder what kind of monster would want to further punish a young woman who's been gang raped. But this is exactly what Saudi Arabia's Higher Judicial Council has done by sentencing a 19-year-old gang rape victim to 90 lashes for being alone in a car full of unrelated males.

We see this same monstrous mentality when the court increased her punishment to a deadly 200 lashes for taking her story to the media.

We are used to hearing stories about serial killers brutally torturing and murdering young women. But we're less used to hearing about entire civilizations who do it, civilizations full of people with the same beauty-hating mentality as serial killers, and clearly Saudi Arabia doesn't want the world to know they're one of them.

At least they know this is something they should try to hide, something to be ashamed of. But if they know it's wrong, then they should simply not do it. But like serial killers, they just can't stop themselves.

Monsters can never resist the perverted allure of butchering innocent young women.

Voice your protest at Amnesty International here.


Our activist philosophy

Welcome to the world of SuperBeauty.Org

Welcome to a new age in the evolution of the human being — a time when female beauty and sexuality are finally freed. Welcome to the world of SuperBeauty.Org.

SuperBeauty.Org is a group of independent websites united in a modern movement to change the world and improve the human condition through the creation, admiration, understanding, moral defence and political protection of female beauty and sexuality throughout the world.

We believe that with the exception of the human mind, there is no more powerful and moral tool for human survival, success and happiness than the female body. We believe it turns women into goddesses, not anorexics or sluts. We believe it turns men into lovers, fathers, creators and providers, not monsters. Rather than robbing children of their innocence, we believe it gives them their very lives, and turns them into healthy adults, not perverts. Rather than eventually destroying the world, we believe it is here to save it. Thus we believe that the attacks we see on female beauty and/or the women who possess and use it are attacks on all of us, on our children, on our motivation and moral rectitude, on our future, and on our essential humanity.

These attacks must end.

We are here to oppose them.

If you would like to see what the world looks like when women and their beauty are finally allowed to freely work their wonders, we invite you to enjoy the websites at SuperBeauty.Org. If you have a site devoted to female beauty or to an inspiring beautiful women, send us the link to your website and we'll tell you how to get started.

The time is now to let the whole world see female beauty naked in all her power and glory. Put a SuperBeauty.Org banner or link on your site. Join us in helping female beauty to make the world a more beautiful — and better — place.

Beauty will save the world. But it could use a little help from us.

— D.Bell

May 25, 2003.

To support the Fight for Beauty, please add our banner to your site in a prominant place along with the caption 'Fight for Beauty!'. Thanks!

2257 Laws

Urgent action required!

Defend tasteful nudes - and those who promote them - from destructive U.S. laws

August 10, 2007 - U.S. law-makers want to twist current laws in order to go after even the most tasteful nudes. We've always known they would, and now they are. Those who hate unbridled female beauty always begin by attacking the most disgusting porn, then when their laws are in place, they attempt to stretch them to cover beauty.

For example, current U.S. laws require all producers of images depicting "actual sexually explicit conduct" to obtain and keep very detailed documentation about their performers, to make it available to federal agents in a place of business for at least 20 hours a week, and to post private contact information on their public pages or products. Heavy fines are imposed for any deficiencies in these record-keeping requirements, even if no laws were broken.

Now proposed changes in U.S. 2257 record-keeping laws threaten to include "lascivious exhibition of the genitals" as part of the definition of "actual sexually explicit conduct." In other words, right now, only images of actual people having actual sex fall under 2257 regulations, but the government is planning to regulate any image that includes someone's genitals or even clothed genital region. In fact, if the laws are changed, they will be so general that the government will have the power to go after any producer of nudes, no matter how tasteful, or any producer images of female beauty, period.

Another proposed change is to require anyone who promotes or displays these images to keep the same records as the actual producers, an arguably impossible task. They must also provide an office for federal inspections for at least 20 hours a week, something that would further burden them to a point of making their business unprofitable. For example, most of the pay sites on SuperBeauty.Org have hundreds if not thousands of affiliates who post their images on their own promotional websites in order to earn sales commissions. The proposed record-keeping requirements would force most of these affiliates out of business.

The government allows for interested parties to make objections to and comments on the proposed changes, but only until September 10, 2007.

You have less than one month. Make your voice heard, and defend those who produce the images you love while you can.

What to do

More details on FSC site

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Urgent action required!

Every Wednesday women wait to die

Sitting on Iraq's death row is Samar Sa'ed Abdullah, 25 years old, convicted of being an accessory in the slayings of three relatives, murdered by her husband. Abadullah claims that her confession was given only after being raped and tortured. She was summarily tried and sentenced to death in only one day. There were no court preparations. There was no jury of her peers. She could die as early as next Wednesday.

Abdullah is only one of hundreds who face or who have faced the executioner's block since Coalition forces took over in 2004. But who is to blame? General attention is drawn towards the government of Iraq. Yet we, the United States, are the government of Iraq. We remain its only military power; its only police force. It is we who chose the candidates for its leadership. It is not al Queda that is seeking her death. It is us. If there is to be a firing squad, it is we who have supplied the bullets. If there are gallows, it is we who have supplied the lumber.

We have been at war in Iraq since March 20, 2003 under the pretext of Iraq possessing weapons of mass destructions, which we later determined it did not own. We remained under the pretext of freeing the Iraqi people from the injustices it felt under Saddam Hussein, whom Lyndon Johnson and the CIA helped to install into power in 1968.

To date, nearly 70,000 Iraqi civilians have lost their lives and uncounted numbers have been maimed as a result of our government attempting to "save" them from Hussein's tyranny.

On October 7, 2002, President Bush stated, "On Saddam Hussein's orders, opponents have been decapitated, wives and mothers of political opponents have been systematically raped as a method of intimidation, and political prisoners have been forced to watch their own children being tortured."

Yet under our "protection," Samar Sa'ed Abdullah was tortured and raped. Dalal Rubaie, the head of the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq, stated that Abdullah "had her fingernails pulled; she was hung from the ceiling; they took pictures of her naked while she was hanging; they cuffed her to a bed and raped her."

And yet it is the American ground troops in Iraq who ultimately control the "justice" being meted out.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. - That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, - That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

These are words from the Declaration of Independence, which became the cornerstone of the American people. These are words that not only George W. Bush and his Republican administration choose to ignore, but their Democratic opponents as well. We are not a democracy. We are a republic. We rely with great faith and great expectations upon those we elect to represent not only us, but our ideals. Shamefully, we have been let down, our principles betrayed, while one woman and others face imminent death.

Send an email NOW! to Iraqi officials to save Samar.

CNN Article

Update from Amnesty International



Nazanin is free! Other young girls await execution...

Thanks to 2 heroic Canadian women, and thousands of concerned people world-wide, Nazanin Mahabad Fatehi is free!

As regular visitors to SuperBeauty.Org know, Iranian-born Miss Canada, Nazanin Afshin-Jam, has used her great beauty and influence as a talented singer/songwriter to try to save the life of another girl also named Nazanin, sentenced in Iran to hang for fatally stabbing a man who was attempting to rape her.

After mounting a huge petition signing, press junket, and doggedly campaigning the U.N. and high ranking Iranian officials Miss Afshin-Jam, first runner up in the 2006 Miss World pageant, has succeeded in having Nazanin Mahabad Fatehi's execution overturned.

Although forced to endure years of terror for her life in a squalid Iranian prison, and after 2 trials, Nazanin is out of prison forever, terribly happy, and back with her family. Yet, due to Iranian law, even though Nazanin was the victim of a rapist, she was brutally and unfairly punished because she is a woman, and women do not get fair treatment under Sharia Law. In fact, even when absolved of any crime she was still forced to endure prison indefinitely until her family could pay $40,000 in 'blood money' to the rapist's family!

Obviously, the Iranian officials would have been happy to see this poor, brave, innocent girl rot in prison. As you can see here their treatment of teenage girls is as bad as the Salem witch hunts or the Spanish Inquisition.

However, thanks to the efforts of Canadian Parliament member Belinda Stronach, who organized a trust fund to raise this amount, and who donated a large part of the total herself, the rapist's family was paid, and Nazanin finally freed.

Hopefully, Nazanin Afshin-Jam and Belinda Stronach will inspire more women to realize that the treatment of females around the world is a problem only they can ever really solve. SuperBeauty.Org hopes women will stop apologizing for their beauty, stop sanctioning attacks on the beauty of other women (such as Sharia Law), and use their power to inspire morality in the world.

Sadly, there are still scores of innocent young women on death row in Iran, and saving any one of them will require the same kind of global effort required to save Nazanin. Find out what you can do to help, here.

Nazanin Website | News of Nazanin... | Help Nazanin | Wikipedia summary of case

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Teacher forced to resign over artistic nude photos

© celestadanger

Tamara Hoover, a 29-year old high-school art teacher in Austin Texas, has been forced to resign over artistic nude photos of her published online. The photos were candids taken of Tamara by her artist girlfriend. They depicted Tamara doing routine things such as showering, dressing etc.

Tamara loves teaching more than anything and was clearly loved by her students as well, as is evidenced by their support on her website. She told us she would liked to have been able to fight the school district's decision to fire her, but the legal fees were simply too much.

SuperBeauty.Org is very sorry we weren't able to help Tamara win this fight, since we believe she was clearly the victim of hatred of female beauty. But the legal fees were simply too high for us as well.

Please, if there are any lawyers out there interested in fighting cases like Tamara's simply for the high profile coverage they receive please contact us at SuperBeauty.Org and let us know. Regrettably, there is no shortage of cases like this one.

We think with legal help Tamara could easily have won her case since the photos were certainly art and not at all inappropriate for an art teacher or any art model. The female form has been the subject of art since the beginning of recorded history and we think it's completely inappropriate for a school to teach its students that it is not.

Liars and vindictive hypocrites win this round. Let's all ry to do better next time, yes? We have lost one of the good ones. And we will all suffer more than Tamara will because of it, because next time you can expect to see a teacher fired for being too attractive, or doing up one too few buttons on her top. Watch for it. And let's be ready to fight for her.

Tamara's website | News coverage of this story




Amnesty International was asking anyone who cares about the fate of women in Iraq to speak up in support of women's rights being included in the new Iraqi constitution. The current draft constitution does not include them and could be final as soon as October 15.

We asked you to click here to send a letter to Iraqi Prime Minister Dr. Ibrahim al-Ja'afari urging him to take advantage of this opportunity to make an Iraq that is free, not just for men, but for both sexes.

We thank all who did. According to Amnesty International, some of their recommendations were adopted in the draft but not all.

Here's the full story.

Photo Leo Reinfeld


We WON and we LOST


Schapelle Corby is an Australian woman wrongly accused of drug smuggling sentenced to 20 years in an Indonesian prison. The usual sentence for this crime is death by firing squad. But so many of us signed the petition to save her that the Indonesian courts imposed a lesser punishment.

Here's the latest news.




Send a ONE-CLICK EMAIL in defence of ABC and Nicolette Sheridan here or click here if your browser doesn't support ONE-CLICK EMAILS.

Sometimes a story comes along that is more than news, more than a soundbyte to be considered briefly before moving on. The recent uproar over a Monday Night Football commercial with a semi-nude Nicolette Sheridan is just such a story.

In case you haven't heard already, the commercial was a cross promotion for ABC's new series Desperate Housewives and Monday Night Football. In it, Nicolette Sheridan playfully attempts to get the attention of Philadelphia Eagles star Terrell Owens by dropping the towel she's wearing and jumping into his arms. Sheridan was shown only from the back, and was never nude anyway. But this, according to the flood of protests received by the FCC, is "pornographic", "offensive" and will possibly earn ABC a $32,500 fine for "obscenity".

ABC backpedalled instantly, apologizing for the spot and saying that it was "inappropriate and unsuitable for our 'Monday Night Football' audience." They were just one of a chorus of voices adding their opinion to the skit, including Michael Powell, chairman of the FCC, who alluded to the fact that Disney owns ABC by saying "I wonder if Walt Disney would be proud."

Indianopolis Colts coach Tony Dungy expressed his disdain for the spot, even going as far as to say it was also racist because Owens is black and Sheridan white. He was most concerned about his teenage sons, however, saying "When we turn on 'Monday Night Football,' you're expecting to see football. I want my boys to watch that. I don't want them to see what they saw."

This is just the latest in a series of sobering events involving censorship, political correctness gone mad, and the mass moralizing hysteria that seems to be gripping the United States. Just last week, 66 television stations were too afraid to air the compelling war drama Saving Private Ryan uncut because of its use of foul language. And no one will soon forget the outrage and $550 000 fine aimed at CBS for their accidental exposure of Janet Jackson's nipple. But this latest incident is perhaps the most frightening of them all.

If we now live in a culture where the mere glimpse of a woman's unclothed back is offensive, where the mere suggestion that a football player might want to spend time with a woman rather than throw a pigskin around a field with other men is considered indecent - we're all in serious trouble. When a man wants his sons to watch the inanity of a bunch of grown men spending their lives playing a game but doesn't 'want them to see what they saw', as though it were footage from a crime scene - as a woman, I feel myself growing angrier and more than a little afraid.

How long will it be before women themselves are branded 'offensive'? Certainly we have the puritanical Right making every assault they can against even the most innocent and joyful sexuality - how long can it be before even the sight of a woman is called obscene and damaging to children?

Does anyone care how Nicolette Sheridan must be feeling right about now? After all, she's responsible for all this 'indecency', right? She let people see her spine, after all. She let people think, even for a moment, even within the confines of a commercial, that a grown man might appreciate her feminity. She served as a reminder to all the so-called red blooded men watching a sport built on testoterone that there are other, more enjoyable uses for that hormone. And she did it all freely, happily, with a good sense of humor. What an outrage.

What lesson are women to take from this latest attack on female beauty, sexuality - on femaleness itself? Should we be getting fitted out for burquas now, in preparation for the time when fanatical religious groups of all faiths decide that the only good woman is an invisible one? Should we all cower away from public attention of any kind - conceal our bodies, refrain from appearing on television or the radio (goodness knows our voices can be sexy, what about all the poor children listening?), lock ourselves away so that kids aren't scarred for life by the sight of us?

This isn't an issue of decency, or virtue, or morality. This isn't the kind of thing that can be dismissed by a cavalier "it isn't women we hate, it's indecency." Hating the sight of a nude, semi-nude or fully clothed woman is hating the sight of a woman, period. Believing that children will be harmed by the sight of a nude woman - forgetting that it was a nude woman who conceived them and a nude woman who bore them - is tantamount to believing that children will be harmed by the sight of a woman, period. Labelling the flirtatious interplay between a grown man and woman (of whatever race, it should go without saying) 'filth' is nothing more than an attempt to label all romantic and sexual chemistry between the sexes 'filth'. And it is these medieval, hysterical ideas that fuelled the flames of the witchhunts and inquisitions and which will reduce us to the Dark Ages again.

There is an object lesson here for anyone who cares to see it. Women are only truly free in societies in which they are not restricted, loathed, distrusted and abused because of their very womanhood. And in societies which view women this way - the ones that cloak their women in suffocating bags, render them rightless, murder them for the slightest violation of a barbaric moral code - it all began with a zealous condemnation of women's beauty. Now it is beginning to happen here.

I, for one, applaud Nicolette Sheridan for being brave and beautiful, fearless and feminine. I would encourage my children to see her commercial. I would gladly take on my parental responsibilty of answering any questions they might have about it, instead of leaving it up to the religious right to decide for them how evil it is. And I will defend with my dying breath the right of any woman to revel in her feminity, and live in peace because of it.


You can send the same ONE-CLICK email we did in defence of ABC and Nicolette Sheridan here or click here if your browser doesn't support ONE-CLICK EMAILS.

Feel free to modify and sign it.

Additional coverage:

Additional contact information:

Michael K. Powell, Chairman
Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street, S.W.
Washington, DC 20554
Primary Phone: 1-888-225-5322
Fax: 202-418-0710
E-Mail: Michael K. Powell

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Send a ONE-CLICK EMAIL of praise to Guess? here.

We'd like to offer our readers a chance to send email congratulations and kudos to Guess? jeans chairman Paul Marciano for telling the American Family Association to shop somewhere else if they don't like pictures of Paris Hilton in their stores.

His exact words: "If you don't like the pictures in our store, please just stay home. It's as simple as that."

In light of the fact that American based shoe company Skechers recently caved under pressure from the AFA and pulled their ads featuring pin-ups of Christina Aguilera, Marciano's actions are even more commendable. His ads and in-store imagery of Paris Hilton is anything but the 'filth' the AFA claims. See the images for yourself at

In fact, the AFA is kind enough to define what it considers filth on their website: "Guess? also markets sex on their website. Dozens of photos depict strong, independent, sensuous men and women and provide provocative imagery."

Why do they despise images of strong, independent, and sexy people? Because such people make terrible sheep. And a huge herd of sheep is what the AFA is looking to create.


You can send the same ONE-CLICK email of praise we did here.

Feel free to modify and sign it.

Additional contact information:

Paul Marciano, Chairman
1444 S. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA 90021
Primary Phone: 1-800-22-4837, opt. 0
Secondary Phone: 213-765-3100
Fax: 213-744-7838
E-Mail: Paul Marciano

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Sexy new Skechers ads under attack


Thanks to everyone who sent an email to defend Skechers and Christina.

In response to pressure from nearly 3,000 women, members of the American Family Association (AFA) and the U.S.-based Centre for Nursing Advocacy (CNA), U.S. shoe company Skechers has pulled its latest ad campaign featuring pin-up images of Christina Aguilera.

See the ads here.

(We have reproduced portions of these ads for educational and news purposes only. There is no official relationship between SuperBeauty.Org and Skechers.)


The American Family Association - and now Skechers - has decided that images of intelligent and professional women portrayed as beautiful and sexy are degrading and demeaning to women.

They say:

In essence, Skechers is taking making a mockery of professional women and choose to portray them as sex objects, which undermines their value in the workplace. The Center for Nursing Advocacy has also launched a campaign to protest Skechers, and over 950 nurses have written to protest the ad in the campaign's first few days.

We say: Feminists and beauty haters of all sorts always say that the "naughty" nurse, the sexy schoolgirl and schoolteacher, and the pretty policewoman stereotypes prove that men are threatened by professional women and want to reduce them to sexual objects.

While we certainly agree that men want to have sex with career women, we disagree that it's because men are threatened by them.

The truth of the matter is actually much simpler and much less sinister.

Men want sex with respectable women because they are attracted to them.

It's a good thing.

What is demeaning to women, professional or otherwise is to rob them of their sexuality and their right to be beautiful in any way they choose. What's wrong, is to tell women that they can't be professional, and sexual, and that if they try, you will stop them. That is the way of the Taliban and the AFA. That is not the American way.

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U.S. Congress unleashes its wrath on a woman's body


Contact your Congressman (or woman) and tell them that the majority of people - including you - believes Janet Jackson did nothing wrong by exposing her breast during the MTV SuperBowl halftime show.

Please visit Congress.Org to find the email address of your Congressman.

The Turning Point

Congressional hearings began this week in the United States. Not on the the war on terrorism, or on national security, but on Janet Jackson's breast. These hearings will go ahead inspite of the fact that 44% of America believes they are making too much of it - that Janet did nothing wrong by baring her breast during a live musical performance during the SuperBowl.

From a MSNBC online pole:

Live Vote: What do you think should happen in the wake of Janet Jackson's halftime flash? (311958 responses)

FCC should fine CBS: 7%
FCC should fine CBS and all affiliates who broadcast the game: 10%
Jackson should pay any fines: 38%
Nothing. What's the big deal? It was only a glimpse of a breast: 44%

As silly as these hearings might seem, they are actually deadly serious. And they mark a potential turning point in mankind's history - the point where the United States of America, the greatest liberator and protector women have ever known on earth, joins the rest of the backsliding world in a wholesale return to the open persecution of women.

This is the same Congress that decides when and where America goes to war. Recently, it has declared war on countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq, and on things such as terrorism and drugs. The question is now, will it declare war on women's bodies?

Much of the world already has. The question is: Will America follow suit?

It is our position that by calling a hearing into Jackson's breast-baring it already has. Faced with fines higher than most of us can count, Jackson has already recanted. Galileo, perhaps the greatest scientist of all time, when placed in a similar no-win situation in pre-Renaissance Italy, also recanted his revolutionary views that Mars had moons.

America is supposed to be a democracy, which means that the majority always wins. Yet polls show that a clear majority of Americans believe Janet did nothing wrong. Still, with the exception of presidential candidate Howard Dean, Christina Aguilera, and Sharon Osborne, these people have yet to speak up. Let's hope that more than 3 dare to speak up now.

This is also the same Congress that can and might pass severe laws against freedom of speech on the internet. You can bet that if they find a way to ban female nudity on television, they will find the motivation to do it on the internet too.

Where are the voices of protest from those who make their living from female nudity on the internet, such as Playboy or Perfect 10? Their silence is obscene.

Through Congress, America is ruled by a small minority of elected men, who are more than happy to go against the wishes of the majority. We wonder, is what they're practicing closer to communism or democracy?

But the truly scary reason that the majority is always called the silent majority is because deep down, they actually agree with the premises of those who would ban female nudity from public places and from public communications. They do not dare publicly disagree with those who tell them that the female body is depraved, dangerous, destructive and deadly. Why? Because when it comes right down to it, they believe it themselves.

Who else but SuperBeauty.Org has ever told them otherwise?

The truth is, those who hold the most widely held premises - in this case, the idea that female beauty is immoral - will always win in any political battle.

But rather than despair, let's see in this the power of a single idea. Let's notice how one single idea can shape the world.

Right now the idea that is shaping the world's reaction and is motivating the Congressional hearings is the idea that female beauty is depraved. Yet imagine what the world might look like if the opposite idea got out - the idea that female beauty is not depraved, but good.

SuperBeauty.Org is dedicated to teaching this idea to the world. We aim to inspire people who love women, their beauty, their bodies, and their sexuality, to fight for them. The method? A new idea - a better idea - the idea that female beauty is good, perfectly, morally, glowingly, good.

After all, you can't fight your enemies by agreeing with them. So email or write your Congressmen and tell them that you believe female beauty is a value worth defending, and that we shouldn't persecute the women who possess it.

Please visit Congress.Org to find the email address of your Congressman.

Do it people. Evil only wins when good men do nothing.

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A woman's body, her beauty and her sexuality are all fundamental parts of her nature, and our existence. Without it there would be no love, no romance, no sex, no families, and no human race.

Apparently the American Family Association - and now DaimlerChrysler, makers of Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles - disagrees. Dodge had planned to sponsor a pay-per-view lingerie halftime show at this year's Super Bowl. The AFA called on their membership to protest the event to their local Dodge dealers as well as to the DaimlerChrysler head office.

A few days later, Dodge withdrew from the event. Spokesman, George Murphy, explained it this way: "Dodge brands sponsorship of the Lingerie Bowl has become a distraction. The event was diverting media and consumer attention from current products and from the great new products we are preparing to launch next year." (from the AFA website)

SuperBeauty.Org believes that Dodge's capitulation to the AFA's demands is immoral. In our opinion, they did so only to avoid a scene. And they did so at our daughters' expense. The AFA seems to want us to believe that female beauty and sexuality are much too destructive and dangerous to be allowed loose in society. Now Dodge has helped them send that message to our young women.

SuperBeauty.Org on the other hand, celebrates that which makes a woman a woman - her body, her beauty and her sexuality - and while we may not share the same taste in female beauty as those who would pay to watch beautiful women playing football in their underwear, we will always fight to the death to protect the rights of our daughters to do so if they choose, or to choose something better.

We thank everyone who loves the beauty of women who wrote to Dodge or emailed in protest of its decision to pull support from the 'lingerie bowl'. We told them it is immoral of them to avoid a scene by undercutting the future welfare and freedom of our young women. We told them we want our daughters to grow up knowing they live in a society where their fundamental natures are appreciated and protected, not despised and denounced, and where their rights are recognized, not ignored.

And here's some further food for thought: maybe if we had the class in the first place to respond in a civilized manner to such overt displays of female power as the lingerie bowl we'd inspire a new generation of classier represenatations of female beauty. After all, remember cheerleaders? Remember how much classier than a lingerie pick-up game they were? But instead of praising their femininity, they were denounced as sexist and demeaning to women. And instead of inspiring something classier than cheerleaders, these attacks de-sexualized and de-beautified cheerleaders into male and female 'squads', to the point where someone was practically forced to dream up the lingerie bowl as a way of bringing female beauty and sexuality back into the mix. All attacks on female beauty have this same effect. Instead of getting rid of it, which is impossible, they force it to re-emerge at lower and lower levels.

SuperBeauty.Org aims to reverse that trend. We want to give our daughters a future full of better ways to express themselves. We've made it our passion to establish their freedom and the morality of female beauty once and for all.

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Send a ONE-CLICK EMAIL to PayPal in protest here.

PAYPAL, an internet auction payment and credit card processing company, has recently openly declared that it will not allow payments for any web sites that involve nudity, regardless of how tasteful or artistic these nudes might be. This, along with the fact that they have disallowed even non-nude sites like Tim's Angels, tells us that it is not porn or even nudity they are attacking, but female beauty itself.

With its mean-spirited policy, PayPal is telling its members what they can and cannot spend their own money on, it is telling grown adults that artistic nudity is harmful to them, but most importantly, it is declaring ideological war on those of us who value women and their beauty.

Will you take this lying down? Or will you defend the beauty you love? PayPal must be answered, refuted, and proven wrong.


You can send the same ONE-CLICK protest email we did here.

Feel free to modify and sign it.

We all have to take an ideological stand against hatred of female beauty right now, because the total lack of such a response has made big corporations feel safe to initiate ideological attacks like this one. Make sure PayPal knows that YOU disagree with their philosophy towards beauty. If enough of their customers do it, corporations like PayPal, who depend on YOU the user for their existence, won't feel so safe to attack beauty right out in the open as they do now. Hopefully, one day they will be ashamed of this kind of disgraceful, shameless attack.

PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy

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Amina Lawal is free. Condemned by a Nigerian court to death by stoning for having sex, Amina has today been permanently set free after a successful appeal. Details here.

Thanks for fighting for female beauty everyone! We've made a difference.

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For starters, click here to see the latest examples of violent hatred of female beauty we've found in the world.

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Zuzana Drabinova, pure poetry here.


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