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The Naked Therapist wants to arouse the world

Interview with super beauty Sarah White

At SuperBeauty.Org we are about teaching people the true value of female beauty and defending it when it's attacked. We do this because women have never really been completely free to use their beauty as they please, not in any society, nor at any time in history. Even today, when civilization has reached more of the world than ever before, the beauty of women is either kept under sacks, punished by death, or sneered at as mere immoral indulgence. The problem with this is that female beauty is really a very powerful force of good, one that we cannot survive without. It's a truth we as a species seem determined to keep buried, but the proof is that every culture in history that ever sank to the level of sacrificing beautiful women to their gods or to ideas of "propriety" has been defeated or succeeded by one that had more respect for women's rights. Hatred of female beauty simply doesn't work. Ever. The fight for women's freedom - indeed for freedom per se - has always been between those who love female beauty and those who despise it. But there is only so much SuperBeauty.Org can do to help because we are not on the front lines. Beautiful women such as Sarah White are on the front lines, and they have the chance to save us all by using their beauty to the fullest extent possible, in new and exciting and most importantly moral ways. Sarah is known online as the Naked Therapist, and her slogan is "power through arousal". The fact is, she may have the power to help us all. Let's find out who this fascinating woman is.

SuperBeauty.Org: Sarah, thank you so much for agreeing to become SuperBeauty.Org's latest spokesmodel for the power of female beauty.

Sarah White: I am totally honored!! I've admired your site and members for a long time. (smiles)

SuperBeauty.Org: Some people might see "Naked Therapy" as merely a ploy, either using sex to sell unqualified therapy or else using pretenses at therapy to sell nude cams. But you're actually quite serious about it aren't you?

"I've developed a new practice called Naked Therapy, which I practice exclusively at"

Sarah White: Yes! After experiencing the limitations inherent in many types of classical therapy, I've developed a new practice called Naked Therapy, which I practice exclusively at Since the discipline of therapy was invented over 100 years ago by Sigmund Freud, the "sacred" and "hidden" status of the therapist has been rigidly defended. According to the High Priests of Psychoanalysis, therapists must never reveal themselves to their patients save in the most intellectual and calculated of ways. The field of Naked Therapy, which I look to pioneer, takes the opposite, and, I believe, healthier approach. By becoming naked before my patient, I allow a number of things to happen in the therapeutic context that could not otherwise take place - I allow my patient to desire me, I become a living example of fearlessness and self-pride to him, and I develop a level of intimacy with the patient that in a traditional, clothed session would be impossible. It is through this relationship of desire, pride and intimacy that I, the Naked Therapist help her patient heal himself of guilt, shame, and fear. For in the end, all psychoses and depressions are, in a sense, a phobia toward being naked before the world. And by being naked before my patient, I prove by direct example that this phobia can be overcome. It is thus that Naked Therapy heals and guides more effectively than its repressed predecessor. For just as Freud himself said, the goal of psychotherapy is to allow the patient to love and to work. And there is no better way to gain the confidence, desire-rich and shame-free thinking one needs "to love and to work" than to engage in the thrilling and eye-opening process of Naked Therapy.

SuperBeauty.Org: Can you tell us precisely what service you're offering and to whom? And also your qualifications?

Sarah White: I offer Naked Therapy services to anyone who signs up for a Naked Therapy session through! I am currently studying psychology and collecting research for a dissertation on Naked Therapy. I'm not a licensed therapist because the traditional therapeutic academy has strict rules against therapists being naked with clients (and they revoke licenses for that). I would love to be licensed someday, and with my current Naked Therapy practice am collecting research to prove that the therapist being naked can be therapeutically beneficial in some cases. This taboo in the academy is something I'm challenging to see if it's valid or just a puritanical prejudice. In my practice so far I'm finding nakedness to not impede therapeutic progress but rather to enhance it.

SuperBeauty.Org: That's quite a discovery. Can you tell us what a typical session of Naked Therapy might look like for those who might be considering using your services?

"Naked Therapy uses nakedness to feel freer and stronger and healthier and happier."

Sarah White: Naked Therapy takes place in one-on-one private web cam sessions in which we converse about whatever's on your mind. I help you think through your present issues, explore them, and better understand them. I may start the session naked or I may start clothed and slowly get naked, whatever you want. During these sessions, I use the power of arousal to help you gain more control over your life. For example, by showing myself naked, unashamed and self-positive about my beauty, and feeling comfortable with however you wish to satisfy yourself through our relationship, I help you see that sexuality and desire can be positively integrated with your life and personal objectives, and that a healthy relationship with desire can help you improve and more richly enjoy yourself, your intimates, and your world. The goal is to use nakedness as a therapeutic modality; like massage therapy uses massage, psychotherapy uses psychology, and aromatherapy uses scents, Naked Therapy uses nakedness to feel freer and stronger and healthier and happier.

SuperBeauty.Org: Can you tell us some of the humorous or just plain wrong ideas people have had about you and what you're doing?

Sarah White: Well, the first and most common idea is that I am a sex cam girl. While I do things that a traditional cam girl might do, Naked Therapy is a completely different experience!!

SuperBeauty.Org: Without giving away people's privacy can you tell us some of the successes you've had so far?

Sarah White: I could go off for a while on that topic. People come to me for a range of issues - from porn addiction to general depression to sexual exploration. One patient recently made incredible changes in his life. He came to me feeling generally depressed and having an affair. Through our sessions he became able to see the beauty and ecstasy in life again and eventually reignited his sex life and relationship with his wife.

SuperBeauty.Org: Have you discovered anything about yourself or your clients that you didn't expect to?

Sarah White: My clients are amazing people looking to better themselves and the quality of their life, and I always learn a lot from them. I developed Naked Therapy from my studies in therapy (and my love of being naked and having fun while I work) and I have been amazed by the true power and potential Naked Therapy holds as a therapeutic practice. As I practice it more and receive more feedback from my clients and the general public, I believe more deeply in its powers to help people and the importance of recognizing sexuality in a positive way during therapy.

SuperBeauty.Org: How important is your beauty in what you're doing?

"A few of my clients enjoy talking with me just because I'm a model..."

Sarah White: Beauty is important, but not in the traditional sense. While I've had my share of modeling (which I of course love), I think the real beauty here comes from being naked and unashamed. I live by the therapeutic beliefs that form the basis of Naked Therapy (as outlined on and I am continually striving to be intellectually and physically engaged in my work and life, and I think that comes across as beauty. (smiles)

SuperBeauty.Org: Yes but be honest, you're also a knock-out. Have you considered what role sheer unadulterated physical beauty plays in what you do? For example, it is always the use of physical beauty that women get attacked for. No one ever gets attacked for trying to help people.

Sarah White: Why thank you! (smiles) Beauty plays a large role. And as you say, the use of physical beauty is attacked, and pairing that with the goal of helping people in Naked Therapy is difficult for some people to comprehend. They instinctively feel like it's mixing oil and water. So that is part of what makes this new. A few of my clients enjoy talking with me just because I'm a model and also (if I may say so) smart!

SuperBeauty.Org: How important is female beauty to you personally? To the world?

Sarah White: Oh my. Female beauty is incredibly important! Beauty inside and out! And being proud of beauty! And male beauty is important as well. Everyone can be beautiful (and at the risk of sounding corny), it will make the world a better place.

SuperBeauty.Org: Most people - most women - would never dream of getting naked at work. Have you always been so brave?

Sarah White: I haven't really. I've always loved being naked and hanging out around my apartment naked, and you could say I'm a bit of an exhibitionist naturally. But it's new for me to be naked at work, and I LOVE IT!! I couldn't think of a better job. (smiles)

SuperBeauty.Org: And the therapy part? Is that something truly important to you too?

Sarah White: I love doing Naked Therapy. I feel like I am able to use my skills to really help people lead more beautiful, exciting, powerful, aroused lives.

SuperBeauty.Org: How are your views of women, their beauty, their bodies and their sexuality effected by your childhood, parents, your upbringing, or your education?

"I love exploring my own sexuality and beauty..."

Sarah White: Ahh you are being the therapist here. (smiles) I had a great home and upbringing with happy and supportive parents. I was privy to friends and boyfriends who did not have such a calm upbringing, and I learned about how damaging a bad home life and repressed communication can be. I think my rebellion against negativity and embrace of the positive has given me a very positive view on women, their beauty, and their sexuality.

SuperBeauty.Org: Can you give us an example?

Sarah White: I was a geek growing up... One of guys who I went to high school recently sent me a message on facebook saying - "Woah, you're a model and a therapist? But you were so shy in high school!" And he's right, I was shy, and am now really coming out of my shell. I love exploring my own sexuality and beauty, and I have the good fortune of being able to do that.

SuperBeauty.Org: What would you say to critics who would say that you're a terrible egotist for believing that showing your nude body will help people?

Sarah White: "So don't look." Okay that was a pithy answer. That's a great question, as I have gotten a couple messages from people who seem jealous and just downright angry that a woman can get paid to be naked when they can't. I'd say "You should probably try my services." Or just, "Fine."

SuperBeauty.Org: Are you naked right now?

Sarah White: You bet. (smiles)

SuperBeauty.Org: Ha perfect! (laughing) Why do you think it makes a difference to people if you are or aren't? For example, a lot of people - guys mostly - would hope that you are. (grinning)

Sarah White: It says something about how I am in the privacy of my office and my true behaviors - so do I "walk the walk?" I'm happy to be naked, and I like showing myself naked to my patients.

SuperBeauty.Org: Do you see any broader social value in what you're doing?

Sarah White: Absolutely. A person's sexual identity is important in how a person understands him- or herself and exploring childhood experiences, current erotic desires, and sexual practices ultimately allows sexuality to be addressed in a positive and affirming way, and through this positive and affirmative expression of our sexuality we can lose the shame and confusion that often surround sex and begin leading more fulfilling, desire-rich lives.

"Is there anything we can do about the terrible treatment women receive around the world?"

SuperBeauty.Org: Yes, but for instance what do you think about the terrible treatment women receive around the world, and is there anything we can do about it?

Sarah White: That's a big question. I think the terrible treatment is wrong. And I do think we can do things about it, and the world as a whole is slowly inching its way towards positive treatment towards women. I try to deal with this on a personal level, hoping that each interaction I have improves the treatment of women on the whole.

SuperBeauty.Org: Thank you Sarah, well you are certainly an inspiration for us, and we're sure many others too. We're grateful to you for so publicly showcasing the power of female beauty to do good. To us, that's one of the most moral and beneficial things anyone can do.

Sarah White: Thank you so much Super Beauty. I am so impressed and joyous that you promote the rights of women and I am completely honored to be a spokesmodel for you. Long live beauty!!

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