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The first woman to ever pose nude for the sake of women on SuperBeauty.Org

Women will take off their clothes to sell calendars for sports teams, to protest animal cruelty or the destruction of marshlands, to save trees from logging or to sell books to raise money for cancer research. Yet not one has ever taken off so much as a sock for women themselves.

Women around the world are being horribly butchered every day for the 'crime' of being beautiful or sexy or even just female. They are being banned from their careers, imprisoned in their homes, beaten for showing even an inch of exposed skin. They face death by stoning for having had a child out of wedlock, they suffer the lash of a whip for having been raped. Their own families burn them to death for being seen with a man.

Even in this country, women are routinely subjected to the kind of misogynistic morality that makes the world's biggest retailer place plastic barriers over the covers of fashion magazines. Beautiful women are vilified for supposedly causing eating disorders and low self-esteem, and they are ridiculed in the media as being brainless and promiscuous. Victoria's Secret fashion shows receive vicious emails accusing them of broadcasting 'pornography' when they simply show beautiful women in lingerie and gossamer angel's wings.

Where is the response to these attacks? Where are the cries of injustice? Why aren't women's tops flying off in protest? In the history of man not even one woman has "taken it off" for life-and-death women's rights.

Until now.

Her name is Charlotte Gee. She is a photographer and a model. She is an intelligent professional, and she is the first woman in history to take her clothes off for the cause of women and their sexual freedom.

Her photos mark the official launch of a new campaign to free women around the world, a campaign being spearheaded by SuperBeauty.Org, a new movement of like-minded, beauty-loving websites that have decided it's time to find out what a world where women are free to be as beautiful or sexual as they like looks like.

"The beauty-haters of the world have had centuries to convince us that female beauty is evil. They've had their chance and failed. Now it's our turn," says Dwayne Bell, the man behind SuperBeauty.Org. "Now it's time for beauty lovers and beautiful women to speak out about the goodness in female beauty and sexuality. Hopefully, in the process, we can free women around the world from the moral degradation and political persecution that flows from believing they're bad. There has never been a reason to think of female beauty as immoral, and there has never been a justification to brutalize women for their sexuality. So why do we do it? For no reason whatsoever. It's time to take the moral high ground back from those who denounce beauty and butcher women. SuperBeauty.Org is about empowering people to admire female beauty with the full moral rectitude and courage it deserves. And it's the first forum to offer visitors a way to fight for beauty politically. On the site we offer several ONE-CLICK EMAILS to protest various injustices against beauty and women worldwide. We're proud to know Charlotte. She's the first woman in history beautiful enough, and smart of enough, to defend women with her beauty."

Here's what Charlotte herself had to say about why she took it off for women on SuperBeauty.Org:

SuperBeauty: Charlotte, you're the first woman ever to officially pose nude for women's right to express their beauty and sexuality. Why do you suppose no one has done it before? And why is it you have no problem doing it when seemingly no one else has ever dared?

Charlotte: I am honoured to be the first - I hope many more follow in my shoes!

I think no one has done it before because no-one has seen the importance. I also think largely the industry is still overrun with males and that women involved in the business helps. They seem to understand more that there's not only the aesthetic beauty of a woman but the strength also. As a person I have always worked against the grain and never followed suit. I am a completely free spirit and not scared of what people think and feel or in fact how people judge. I am my own person.

SuperBeauty: What is the goal of the SuperBeauty campaign and how does it jive with your goals for yourself and for your career?

Charlotte: I think the goal of the SuperBeauty campaign is to strive to make beauty not only to be seen but heard. In the world today, people make huge generalisations and it's perceived that women with beauty only have that one 'talent' so to speak. This campaign is about making our voices heard. This fits in perfectly with my goals for life and for my career. As a creative person I need people to see more than what meets their eyes and look into what I'm trying to say in my work and as a person. I think it's important for people to see the real person behind my face and body and SuperBeauty is making a small step to this being done.

SuperBeauty: How does stripping for women's rights help the cause?

Charlotte: For the most part it makes it heard and seen to be o.k. I have a good body and I've got no problem with showing it - this attitude makes people realise that the naked female form is o.k. to show.

Do you believe it's okay to show and enjoy the naked female form? To support the Fight for Beauty, please add our banner to your site in a prominant place along with the caption 'Fight for Beauty!'. Or send this page to a friend by pasting the URL ( ) into an email. Thanks!

Interview with D.Bell, the founder of SuperBeauty.Org

SuperBeauty: What is the goal of the SuperBeauty campaign?

D.Bell: On a grand scale, the goal of SuperBeauty.Org and our campaign is to find out what the world looks like when female beauty is allowed to freely work its wonders on us all.

But our immediate goal is to legitimize female beauty. We believe female beauty is an intrinsically good thing, meant to make men moral and empower women. We think it is meant to uplift mankind and improve the world. Yet for most of mankind's history, including today, it has been denounced as immoral, or at best destructively superficial, and since beauty is their most unique and fundamental quality, women have been denounced and kept down right along with it. Thus the world we see around us is an unhealthy aberration - the world as it is without real beauty. We want to change that.

I guess you could say we want to lift the veil of immorality off of women and their bodies so we can all admire and be benefitted by the marvellous beauty underneath. We want to let beauty save the world. It just needs a little help, that's all.

SuperBeauty: How does stripping for women's rights help the cause?

D.Bell: It is the cause. Women take off their clothes to save rainforests, to recruit Raelians, for animal rights. But what if they lost the right to do so? What if female nudity was banned or illegalized as it is in many countries throughout the world? How would women inspire us to fight for moral causes then?

The beauty of women is meant to inspire us to be moral, to do the right thing. But that all depends on women having the right to be beautiful doesn't it, including the right to take off their clothes.

Many forces in the world right now are working to take away that right, and with it the ability of women to inspire morality in the rest of us.

On the other hand, if women have the right to pose nude, then they are free to take it off for a movie, for an ad, for self-expression, for personal comfort, for art, for fun, whatever. And the rest of us will be inspired to do the right thing by women in all other areas of human life as well.

SuperBeauty: Can other women join the cause?

D.Bell: Of course. We'd love to hear from any beautiful woman who wants to use her beauty to change the world for the better. We are always looking for intelligent, professional, talented women who are willing to 'take it off for women'. Perhaps if we get enough of them we will dedicate a whole section of the site to them. But participation is not open only to beautiful women. Anyone can help. You join our cause any time you defend a woman when they are attacked or belittled or sneered at for being beautiful or sexy. If anyone wants to get involved in our site specifically they can participate in any of our ONE CLICK email protests that we've set up. These protests are against everything from the stoning of women in Nigeria to the recent ban on men's magazines in WalMart. The more people who participate in these the better it will be for women in the long run.

SuperBeauty: Are there any obstacles to the campaign?

D.Bell: The main obstacle is the same one that has always kept women down: the belief that female beauty is in some way superficial, shallow, suspicious, depraved, dangerous, destructive and deadly. On the bright side, there has never been any rational reason to believe any of these things. No proof has ever been offered. Beauty haters have had thousands of years to convince us of these things and have failed. Now it's our turn, and the truth is on our side. It's time for SuperBeauty.Org and all lovers of female beauty to convince people that female beauty is good. Once we have that, a return to morality in the human race is inevitable.

SuperBeauty: How does focussing on the beauty of gorgeous women help regular women who aren't as well endowed?

D.Bell: Beauty is being attacked in today's world with a degree of visciousness we haven't seen in a couple centuries. Women are being butchered in the streets of many countries around the world, regular women, women who have done nothing more than show an ankle, go for a walk with a boy, or have sex out of wedlock. They are attacked and rightless because the people around them despise the beauty of women, their bodies, and their sexuality. Most regular women don't yet realize it but beautiful 'babes' are actually the only spokesmen for their freedom they have left, and it's a horrible irony that if women lose the right to be beautiful, and then all their rights, the regular women who have attacked beautiful women all along will have acted as their own destroyers.

SuperBeauty: How can women change that?

D.Bell:The first step is to do the opposite of what feminists have been doing for decades. Feminists told us that women weren't just bodies, but human beings with minds as well, and they denounced any truly beautiful nude representation of women, without offering any real specifics about the minds they were talking about.

We, on the other hand, love beauty. And for us beauty includes a woman's mind and spirit. Indeed, if a woman possesses many of the qualities of character we admire, such as purpose, self-love, rationality, benevolence, courage and happiness, then she is even more beautiful to us.

Charlotte Gee, our premier model, is just such a lady, by the way.

So instead of saying that beautiful women have minds, women should be saying that women, especially those with minds, are all naked under their clothes, and beautiful to boot. Our hope is that if enough women with the intelligence and courage to see the trueness of our cause promote it or even pose nude themselves, people all over the world will start to see that female nudity, beauty and sexuality are not the mindless threat to modern womanhood we've been told, but instead an intrinsic quality of all women, and one of the greatest benefactors mankind has ever had.

To support the Fight for Beauty, please add our banner to your site in a prominant place along with the caption 'Fight for Beauty!'. Thanks!


The first woman to ever pose nude for the sake of women on SuperBeauty.Org:

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